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MLebron - (CDC) Community Development Corporation

The MLebron Foundation is a (501 c3) non-profit organization that supports breast cancer awareness and management through individual and medical training in the United States and in developing countries.

MLeBron-Foundation, Inc.,

The MLebron Foundation is a resource center for breast cancer patients in the United States providing financial and social service benefits. The international initiative offers medical supplies, medicines and equipments that includes medical training and educational services in developing countries to enhance breast cancer awareness and treatment.


To see Breast Cancer patients from all over the globe to move to a place of thriving; of living their best lives; we want to help set cancer patients free from the guilt and sometimes even shame that can live on years after chemo, radiation and mastectomy have ceased.

To be the charity organization that firmly advocates early detection to save lives and breasts of women in developing Countries, including but not limited to demographically challenged areas in the United States.

To see a decline in breast cancer mortality by encouraging women to empower themselves to go for regular screening and to know to perform a self breast exam.

To be the catalyst of change for society’s perception of breast cancer by educating young and old, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, social background and culture.

To be acknowledged for dedicated care and love for the community through its support services for breast cancer patients and families.

To be recognized as a pillar of support for families, caregivers, employers and healthcare professionals who influence the lives of women with breast cancer.

To inspire corporations, institutions, individuals, organizations and the communities at large to extend their support for our cause by volunteering their time and resources to our noteworthy cause.

Types of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs when breast cells divide and grow without control, sometimes invading surrounding tissue.

Breast cancer can be classified generally as follows:
  • Non-Invasive Breast Cancer
  • Invasive Cancer
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer


Everyone's treatment is different. To help doctors decide on the best treatment, the stage of the cancer needs to be determined.

  • Surgery
  • Lumpectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy or Radiotherapy
  • Hormonal Therapy

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