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Joe Collette

Dr. Samuel Teniola

I am happily married for 28 years to my bride, Laura. I have two children, Stephanie and Bill and four grandchildren, Abigail, Parker, Addison and Sawyer.

I worked in the Restaurant Industry for 22 years, managing 200 employees through seven locations. My responsibilities included hiring and training managers to uphold the Company Standards. I rolled out many new products and systems to my organization over the years. My main goal was always helping people develop their skills and move up in the organization. In my last year in the restaurant business, I was able to help 7 people move to the next level of management. The most gratifying experience in my career is assisting employees to grow in their position and make life better for them.

In 2010 I left the Restaurant Industry. I now work in another Service Industry managing 8 stores with 80 employees. My new role still allows me to help people grow; develop their skills and talents, which will allow them to advance in their careers.

I look forward to the day when I can devote all of my time to the MLeBron-Foundation, Inc. and help as many people as possible across the United States.


+1 (770) 703.6859 ext.13

(404) 932-1483

Kim Lawson

Executive Vice President
Kim Lawson

Kim Lawson has a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration in Institutional Healthcare. Kim was also the Program and Administration Manager for 11 years at MedShare. MedShare is a non-profit organization that donates medical supplies and equipment to developing countries. She is CEO of the Willis Lawson Foundation, A Global and Health Resource Institute. She has experience in the public school sector as well as the corporate environment. Kim worked as an assistant staff manager and a software subject matter expert for AT&T Legacy Corporation managing hardware and software implementations for its customer care national organization as well as the technical re-writer and system enhancement tester for AT&T Legacy Teleconference Services.

She also have ten plus years experience in the public school sector n Northern NJ, and collaborated with a team that implemented the first special needs program associated with pre-school childhood development in Paterson New Jersey. Kim served on Paterson Public Schools advisory board that managed fair and equal funding for the "No Child Left Behind" program and served as a substitute teacher and a parent advocate in several urban school districts in Northern New Jersey.

: kim.lawson@joineternallink.org

: 770-703-6859 Ext. 19

: 770-703-6734

Susan Ward

Executive Secretary
Susan Ward

Susan has worked for over twenty years in the medical field in diverse areas such as rehabilitation, geriatrics, and home health care. It’s her passion to help people and nurture them back to good health.


+1 (770) 703.6859 ext.14

Carmen Sierra

US Donations/Sponsorship
Carmen Sierra

Carmen Sierra is a registered nurse and a licensed practical nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Carmen provides direct patient healthcare to children with complex medical diagnosis and delivers clinical services that promote the ultimate level of wellness for children and their families. She is also employed by the U.S. Department of Education in the department of collections and rehabilitation services. She is a cheerleader coach that manages business operations and fundraising efforts for the Cobb County District, Wheeler School System in partnership with the East Coast Conference and N.C.A.A. organizations.


+1 (770) 703.6859 Ext. 16

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